Passion v Contribution

I really enjoyed reading Ben Horowitz book The Hard Thing About Hard Things early this year (one of the few books I have in Kindle and paper). His commencement address at Columbia University doesn't touch the same elements, neither it is an emotional stay hungry, stay foolish kind of speech, but I still find it very enjoyable and quite interesting.

Who wouldn't agree with this:

What you are passionate about at 21 is not necceserily what you are going to be passionate about at 40. 

(Tell me about it).

Although the video has been distributed under the catchy Don't Follow Your Passion quote, I think Horowitz's main point is what comes next:

My recommendation would be [to] follow your contribution, find the thing you are great at, put that into the world, contribute to others, help the world be better; that's the thing to follow.

I've seen very talented people taking their talent for granted, and it always felt to me like such a waste. It is good to be reminded that, most times, the best way to contribute to society is simply by doing what we do best, and then excel at it.

About the passion thing, I believe Marc Cuban said it first.