Creatives as Leaders

Just dismiss the daft eyeballs line on the title and do read this commencement address, by Activision Publishing CEO, Eric Hirshberg

It includes some of the most inspirational lines I've read in a while:

Sometimes, all the research in the world will not bring you a conclusive answer. And someone’s got to put his or her ass on the line for an idea they believe in. And that is something that creative people are very used to doing. We have all been doing it for most of our lives.

On designers as problem-solvers and innovators:

You are the ones who will look at the problems, and see the solutions. You are the ones that will stare at the blank page, canvas, screen or stage and imagine what could be. You are the ones who will make those unexpected connections, that lead to the breakthrough ideas that can change someone’s mind, or change an industry, or change the world.

On the need to learn about the rest of the world, and be prepared:

Because arguments made purely from a place of passion are easy to dismiss. But rigorous, well-informed arguments plus passion, are impossible to ignore. 

And finally, and empowering message:

What you don’t know, you can learn, and you can surround yourself with. What you do know is unique. 

Definitely worth the read.


2015 Commencement Address at UCLA School of Art and Architecture. Available at FastCo Create.